Steven Kyffin

About Steven Kyffin

Professor Steven Kyffin was appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business and Enterprise) in September 2016, having previously been Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences since September 2012 and Dean of Northumbria School of Design since January 2010. He has a Master of Design, Industrial Design, Royal College of Art London and an Hon Doc of Civil Law from Northumbria University.

In the past thirty years, Steven has spent ten of those in London’s design consulting businesses; ten in academia, including Director of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art; and, prior to joining Northumbria University, Steven spent ten years in Corporate Design leadership as Director of the Global Design Research group at Philips Electronics.


Why Steven was invited to TEDxEindhoven

The theme for TEDxEindhoven 2017 is Lightbulb Moments, referencing an object from the industrial age with such a powerful impact it became a symbol for our human creative power of invention. How do our designed objects embody the ideas that we put into them? What can we achieve as a society through the power of design and industry? These are big questions that stand at the center of technology, education and design. From his decades of experience in both academia and industry, Steven Kyffin will share his lessons learned and answers with us.


What Steven will speak about

The power of design and industry to transform our society.

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