Kirsten Swensen

About Kirsten Swensen

Kirsten Swensen is a Visual Artist and Photographer with an interest in aesthetics, consciousness, awareness, intimate relationships, communication and is inspired by the people around her. In 2013, she obtained her Bachelor in Documentary Photography at the St. Joost Art Academy in the Netherlands. She is engaged in psychology and anthropology, and uses her camera as a way to reflect on society. Kirsten wants to express her own emotions as well as those of others through the use of photography and cinematography.


Why Kirsten was invited to TEDxEindhoven

Most of the time we project a persona to the world, a persona in which we feel comfortable. After a decade of picture perfect display we are left with shattered empty shells. It is by pushing the boundaries towards the uncomfortable that initiates growth. With her photography, Kirsten pushes inwards into her subjects, looking to strengthen the unique hidden core of our personalities. In her talk, Kirsten will share that discomfort with us and, by breaking those barriers, enable us to create new stronger connections.


What Kirsten will speak about

How to be vulnerable, let down your mask and open up your mind to true connection.


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