Jasper Rijpma

About Jasper Rijpma

Jasper Rijpma is currently working at the ‘Hyperion Lyceum’ in Amsterdam as a history teacher. Besides history, he also teaches on the subject of ‘Great Thinkers’, which he has collaboratively set-up with some of his colleagues. ‘Great Thinkers’ is a combination between philosophy-of-life, sociology, history and philosophy. It’s education that focuses on the world in which students learn to think big together. At his school, Jasper has also established ‘Bureau V’, where students who want to deepen, accelerate, enrich or broaden themselves can sign-up. On 4 October 2016, Jasper was awarded ‘Teacher of the Year’ in the sector ‘Secondary Education’.


Why Jasper was invited to TEDxEindhoven

Big thinkers in the 18th century kicked off the age of enlightenment, starting revolutions in science, philosophy, politics and art. Their ideas have shaped the world all the way up to the 21st century. But in the century of 140 characters, do we still dare to think so big? Jasper teaches the course ‘Great Thinkers’, challenging students to critically and creatively engage with societal themes by reflecting on the philosophers of the past.


What Jasper will speak about

Teaching children to think big and challenging all of us to dare to think.

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