Kids are natural explorers and experimenters, discovering and learning about their environment. Education is the process to facilitate that process. For a while already it’s becoming apparent that the classic model of 30 students listening to 1 teacher has become outdated. It breeds followers that know how to keep silent instead of critical thinkers that ask ‘why’ (maybe one too many times). In the complex modern society, learning never stops. As a democratic society we need to learn together and make decisions together. How to teach kids to embrace their freedom and participate in a democratic society? That’s the question Jacqueline aims to answer.

To the outside, Jacqueline can be called director of the now 2 year old democratic school she started in Eindhoven. Inside the school, she is equal to any of the teachers and students. This initiative for a new school comes after years of fascination and experience in education such as initiator of Leonardo education, focused on highly intelligent children, and board membership of ‘de vrije school’, experience in ICT and supporting entrepreneurs to further develop their business as innovation advisor at Syntens.