Frank van Valkenhoef

About Frank van Valkenhoef

After diving into the creative world at the art academy, Frank van Valkenhoef decided to take another direction and focus on technology. During his study of Industrial Design, he specialized in the development of electronics. Later on, Frank specialized in Human Computer Interactions and within the field of Haptics. Nowadays, he is trying to bring R&D to the public with his company, Instigate. He offers this service to small design studios, but also to companies like Dell.


Why Frank was invited to TEDxEindhoven

New ideas come with new views of the world and new ways to experience the world. Our world is more and more digital but we as humans are not yet equipped to live a life as digital beings. To start building the future we need to lay the right foundation. This is the task Frank has committed himself to. Pushing the boundaries of sensing the digital realm and enriching the experience of human machine interaction.

Frank was the winner of the TEDxEindhoven Pitch Event 2017 and his prize is a spot on stage at the main event for TEDxEindhoven 2017. Read more in “The winner: Frank van Valkenhoef”.


What will Frank speak about

His own work, the importance of creating new ways of interacting with computers and how this will change society.


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