Eefje op den Buysch

About Eefje op den Buysch

Eefje op den Buysch is the founder of the Transmedia Storytelling Lab at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Tilburg, Netherlands). She obtained her Master’s degree of Science (cum laude) in Informatics – Human Centered Multimedia on the subject of using future scenarios and narratives for the design of a simulated future newsroom. With her knowledge and experience in digital media and information technologies, she led several (research) projects on transmedia, robotics and online communication. Recently, Eefje got involved in Robot Love, a two-year art and technology manifestation that asks the question of if we can learn from robots about love.


Why Eefje was invited to TEDxEindhoven

Calling something fake news might already be old news. Then again, how we make sense of our reality through media, such as news, is ever changing. New forms of media allow us to tell us our stories in new ways and potentially reach millions or even billions of people. The way we convey our ideas through media technologies is becoming non-linear, interactive, multi-channel and (to use the latest term) transmedia. We’ve invited Eefje to speak on this changing landscape and give us some insight into how we might be telling our stories in the future.


What will Eefje speak about

Storytelling in the information age.


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