Anne Hélène Gelebart

About Anne Hélène Gelebart

Anne Hélène Gelebart studied her bachelor and masters in France, where she is originally from. As part of her masters, she had the opportunity to do an internship of 12 months at Sabic Innovative Plastics (The Netherlands) to gain her first experience in the field of polymer research. Later, to finalize her masters degree, she joined the group of Prof. Broer at TU/e to develop photo responsive membranes based on liquid crystal polymers. After completion, she joined the same group as a Ph.D. student to develop dynamic soft matter. As part of Anne Hélène’s four years of research, she has developed various systems that are able to convert light into continuous motion.


Why Anne Hélène was invited to TEDxEindhoven

Over centuries of hard work, scientists have built an incredible understanding of the world. Using all of that understanding, scientists keep on developing new techniques and applying their creative minds to play with matter and discover new possibilities within the physical world. Anne Hélène is one of such scientists, who has recently published work in Nature on making pieces of plastic crawl and walk solely by shining light on them. Anne Hélène will speak at TEDxEindhoven to share with us the story of this mesmerizing Lightbulb Moment.


What Anne Hélène will speak about

The remarkable capabilities of plastic to seemingly come alive and move through the power of light.


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