Culture is made when mind and hand work in sync making physical things. Ugly office buildings don’t bring us joy and beauty. It is when we as people make our own place, our own kitchen, our own food that creates meaningful value for ourselves. Nice words but you actually have to take action. First thing, stop being ‘burgerlijk’. There isn’t even a good translation for ‘burgerlijk’. That’s how dutch this mentality is. The mentality we have to lose. To lose ourselves to the senses of great food, music and women. There is more than enough room in the playground that is Eindhoven for more of us to start experimenting. Andre Amaro show’s us how it’s done and where to start.

Amaro has been known in Eindhoven for years already as a kook, creative and entrepreneur for the initiatives such as ‘Het Stroomhuisje’ and ‘Het Ketelhuis’. These places are run as workshops, open to all sorts of creatives and students to collaborate on various projects ranging from music, fashion, food, sculpture, screen-printing, theatre and comedy. Together they build productions for gatherings such as music festivals and theatre.