360˚ Economy - What goes around, comes around

What goes around, comes around

TEDx Eindhoven & Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven

We would like to introduce ourselves! We are Marloes Bouw and Sandra de Volder, students from the minor 'Vaardig in Leiderschap (dutch)' at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. Since the beginning of this school year we are working on an awesome event,  that will take place on the 7th of December. We are organizing an own TEDx Salon with the subject 'circular economy'! Together with our classmates and teachers, we are fully engaged to arrange an unforgettable event. We like to let you be a part of our process. How do we and our classmates experience arranging an event such as this?

Skilled in Leadership?

Leadership ... what exactly does this concept mean? And when are you a good 'leader'? Within the minor 'skilled in leadership', the students work on skills that are needed to get started as a manager. The TEDxEindhoven Salon Event creates opportunities for students who follow this minor. By organizing this event, theory and practice are linked together. Not only do the students apply the leadership skills in practice, but also business knowledge is a requirement. In this minor, students with different bachelor's programs come together: from pedagogy to chemistry. This makes the project group a multidisciplinary team. When the project started, little was known about the project. The theme of the Salon Event was known, but otherwise it was a big mystery at that time. Where do we start?

Circular economy - what?

With a frown we looked at our teachers Sabine Snippen and Cécile van den Boogaard. Every day you hear the word sustainability passing by, but some of us had no idea what circular economy was all about. Partly because of the ‘day of sustainability’ (organized by the Fontys Impulse team Circular Economy) we got a better idea of what circular economy was all about.

We started with brainstorming about the event. How do we want to see the Salon Event and how does TEDxEindhoven wants to see the salon event? The main motto is 'ideas worth spreading', so that was our starting point. The project is organized in such a way that six small subprojects are formed: location, guest list, scenario, catering, camera / video and light / sound. Each project group is responsible for its own 'subproject' and each project group has its own chairman.

We soon found out that the guest list, speaker arrangement and financing this event had priority number 1, because these are the basic conditions for organizing the Salon event. The location is also very important for the event. Eventually, ‘Parktheater’ was chosen as the location.

To get a better idea of a TEDx event, a number of students (including ourselves) were allowed to attend the Main Event from TEDxEindhoven. The tour and the experience of the event have created a better picture of how our event could look like. We also were allowed to be in the audience, when a few speakers held their ‘talk’.  One speaker, called Mpanzu Bamenga, still gives us goose bumps to this day on. His story was so inspiring and came straight from the heart. An unforgettable experience. This is exactly what we hope to achieve with our event. We hope that our speakers can inspire the guests and make them think more consciously about a sustainable world.

One week left!

Now, one week before the event, we are almost ready. The biggest hassle is done and now all of our attention goes out to fine-tuning this event. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. Here is also a big appreciation to Cecile, for all her hard work and remarkable effort. Without her, we absolutely did not manage to organize this event.

Sandra and Marloes
Students Minor 'Vaardig in Leiderschap' at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven

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