TEDxEindhoven 2017 – Lightbulb Moments

Ping! We just had Lightbulb Moment! The TEDxEindhoven team came up with an ingenious idea for this year’s theme… that’s right, it’s Lightbulb Moments. Think ideas that illuminate, ideas that energize, ideas that enlighten, ideas that have changed the course of history. And what better place to share these Lightbulb Moments than Eindhoven. The home of the first Philips lightbulb factory in 1891, Philips then became a global household brand and shaped Eindhoven into what it is today.

Join us as we shine a light on ideas worth spreading at TEDxEindhoven.

Program November 10

Doors to the event will open at 8:00 with the seating starting at 9:00. The official program begins at 9:30 sharp. The day is divided into four sessions of inspiring talks, performances and lightbulb moments. After the official program ends at 17:00, we will host networking drinks with an open bar where we can share stories about the day and your #LightbulbMoments.


8:00 Doors open
9:00 Guests will seated

Part 1
9:30 Steven Kyffin , Kirsten Swensen, Bart ter Haar RomenyKuang-Yi Ku.
11:00 Coffee break

Part 2
11:30 Ruben van Vreeland, Joost Smiers, Camilla van den BoomEefje op den Buysch.
13:00 Lunch break

Part 3
14:00 Jasper Rijpma, Diewke van den Heuvel, Mpanzu Bamenga.
15:00 Coffee break

Part 4
15:30 Frank van Valkenhoef, Anne Hélène Gelebart, Clement Vidal
17:00 Networking drinks

 Speakers & Performers