Date: 3rd of May, 2018
Location: IGLUU Eindhoven
Start: 13:00 venue opens, 14:00 start program
End: 16:30 with drinks

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Theme: Our Future Bodies

TEDxEindhoven is organizing its first event of 2018, on the 3rd of May. We’re inviting everyone to join our event, and community, to discuss more ideas worth spreading. With TEDxEindhoven we want to bring together people, about one thing we all share. No matter where you are from, how old you are, your sexual preference. No matter your beliefs, your job, your wealth. We all share this one thing in common, which is we are human beings with human bodies. ~99.5% of our DNA is similar to everyone else’s DNA. At the same time, you can recognise the faces from your friends and family out of millions. Our bodies are beautiful, complex, broken, can feel love, can feel pain, can be destroyed but can also be treated, cured and strengthened. Within our local and international TEDxEindhoven community we come across many amazing people directly or indirectly working with new ideas on the body. We wanted to host an event specifically dedicated to these new ideas, which is why we are excited to invite you all to TEDxEindhovenSalon titled “Our Future Bodies”!

We will take the Eindhoven healthcare network to the next level and create global connections on healthcare design, technology, medicine and future thinking about living with disease and longevity. Four TEDx speakers from various fields will share their perspectives on “Our Future Bodies” in four short talks. We will end the afternoon with an inspiring discussion. A professional discussion panel will reflect on the four speakers and share their vision on oncology. Together they will answer the question what cancer care will look like in 20 years from now.


Jeroen Zwaal

Coach, editor, artist and today’s speaker on mental health. Jeroen developed a Virtual Reality experience that allows the user to live through a psychotic episode. We asked him to share his ideas on the relation between physical and mental well-being and how we can use technology to better our care and understanding. His VR-experience will be available during the day as an interactive installation.









Michel Decre

Innovator and entrepreneur in neurotechnology. Has been present at the start of many technological innovations during his work with Sapiens, Medtronic, Salvia Bioelectronics and, amongst others, Philips. We’ve invited him on account of his ability to develop tools that allows to modify our bodies to an ever-increasing extent.







Milee Herweijer

Architect who received a doctorate based on her work on evidence-based design in Dutch hospitals. She specializes in the design of what we’ve come to call healing environments. Rather than focussing on specific symptoms, ailments and patients, she extended her gaze to include something as vital as the place where we heal.







Olle Lundin

The coordinator of the queerification of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. What queerification? “Queer” as an academic, cultural but also social term signifies both behaviour and appearance that goes against the grain. The queerification of something allows to understand that thing in a way we usually don’t come across in our daily lives. The term queer alludes to the opposition between heteronormative or “normal” culture and queer or “LGBT” culture. Due to his work in design and his consequent understanding of the human body and the clothing we wear, Olle Lundin will spread his ideas on what a normal body is, whether it exists at all and we use it to communicate information.







After the speakers, we will discuss some health care issues in a ‘Panel discussion’. One of the reasons we have for wanting to understand our bodies is that as a society we are still challenged by complex diseases such as cancer. Since 2017, Pfizer is part of the TEDxEindhoven community and together with their expertise we will be hosting a panel to build upon the ideas of the speakers to discuss moonshots for cancer care, which requires the collaboration and commitment of all in the coming decades. What will cancer look like in twenty years? By bringing together our speakers and panel, we won’t only share ideas worth spreading, but also showcase how to apply and critique them in a topical working environment.

We want to ask you to think about two issues:
1 – How to deal with cancer care in daily life besides a hospital?
2 – How to deal with cancer care at work?

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