TEDxEindhovenPitch @ DIT

The second side-event of TEDxEindhoven in 2016 was another Pitch Event, held at the Ketelhuis during the second edition of the DIT Festival. With an open call for ‘Ideas worth Spreading’ anyone could apply to give a six minute pitch about their great ideas, small thoughts or special stories. Out of the numerous applicants we selected 12 best storytellers, inspirators and spacious thinkers to give their pitch in front of the part of the Eindhoven community on a lovely Sunday afternoon in the Ketelhuis. Within six minutes each pitcher shared the value of their ideas, thoughts or story to have a change of winning a place on the stage. During the inspiring afternoon a wide range of topics were shared with the audience. From Peter Joosten, who shared his learnings from doing monthly challenges and Max Aerts about cars on formic acid to Pim de Morree on the ‘Corporate Rebel’ movement or Jelle Houben, who is building Strijp-R in a co-creative way. The TEDxEindhoven jury took a night sleep to carefully deliberate on the winner(s) so they were announced the day after.

With his hilarious talk on his fear of public speaking Mark Robinson shared his most successful techniques with the audience in such a way that he convinced the jury to elaborate further on the 8th of July. Because it was very hard to pick one winner also Tom Huizer was invited to the TEDxEindhoven stage. His engaging talk on his expedition to a glacier to study climate change made the audience hang on every word he was saying. Both Tom and Mark were added to the lineup of speakers of the 2016 Main Event listing.

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