All talks online now!


We are delighted to announce that all the TED Talks of TEDxEindhoven 2017 Ligthbulb Moments are online now. All videos are uploaded on the official YouTube channel of TED. So from now on, you can watch all TED Talks again in the comfort of your own living room. Below you can find an overview of all the videos of the TED Talks from our last edition.

Do you want to watch more videos like this? On the YouTube channel of TED, all TED Talks given during official TED events worldwide are uploaded here. So you can find hours and hours of innovative and inspirational content here!

Making plastic walk through shadow and light | Anne Héléne Gelebart

The possibilities of trans media storytelling | Eefje op den Buysch

Challenging medical paradigms through art and design | Kuang Yi Ku

In touch with the thoughts of a computer | Frank van Valkenhoef


Reflecting my community through photography | Diewke van den Heuvel


Why I chose to be an ethical hacker | Ruben van Vreeland


Learning from the brain for the technologies of the future | Bart ter Haar Romeny


Is it my responsibility to change the world? | Mpanzu Bamenga

Design, a question of creative and collective leadership | Steven Kyffin


Intellectual property kills creativity | Joost Smiers


Are we significant in the universe? | Clement Vidal


Teaching the next generation to think for themselves | Jasper Rijpma


Crafting the future | Camilla van den Boom


The beauty of surrender | Kirsten Swensen

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