Award Program

You know that TEDxEindhoven is all about “ideas worth spreading” and that we build a stage to showcase these inspiring ideas. In 2018, we wil expand with an ‘Award program’, aimed at turning ideas into action.

Why? How? Who?
We do this, because we believe in the power of ideas from the region of Eindhoven and beyond. We are open to all great ideas that will benefit our lives / society. So whether you’re a NGO, startup, individual, company, university, etc., we welcome every good idea, if it is expected that it wille have positive impact, when turned into action and our contribution could help this idea grow. By this, we do not mind the stage of your idea. Moreover, we are not an incubator, offering money or taking a share.

Join us!

We are offering free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers and our partners.
More partners and details will be announced soon! Want to partner up? Email us at award@tedxeindhoven.nl

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