On this page you can find all the talks of the inaugural edition of TEDxEindhoven. Both here and on our YouTube channel we have published all our ‘ideas worth spreading of the 14 talks that were given around our theme of last year; Crossroads. Go, watch and learn about the future of the car, how to live on another planet or what previous Mayor of Eindhoven has to see about the city of the future.

If not me, then someone else; But if not us, then no one

Daniël Lakens

How to present to keep your audience’s attention

Mark Robinson

Trading Robots

Albert J. Menkveld

The city that creates the future

Rob van Gijzel

The power of your space station

Vera de Pont

A new local for global citizens

Kavitha Varathan

‘Teaching’ kids democracy and freedom

Jacqueline de Theije

Sound lab

Arvid Jense & Marie Caye

The power of collaboration: what to learn from an arctic camp?

Tom Huizer

So, what do you do?

Stijn Stumpel

Life and the electric car 

Bert Maas

Emphatic devices

Julia Kiseleva

Food for though, though for food?

André Amaro