TEDxEindhoven 2021: Chasing Footprints

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 Traces of Humanity: Promises for the Future 

In the beginning, one of our ancestors left their first imprint on a primordial beach. Ever since, we have transcended from being hunters – chasing prey – to chasing digital traces.  We have rebuilt the world to our liking, leaving tracks and traces of our endeavors on this planet. And now we are looking for ways to leave our trace on the moon, on faraway planets, on places beyond the known. And guess what? We are succeeding.

On November 23, 2021, we will invite you for a morning journey of sustainable innovations with our TEDxEindhoven Event ‘Chasing Footprints’.

As a species, we have been embracing change. Fuelling new ideas all around us. We track individuals, entrepreneurs and scientists leaving an impact. We track the ideas that will shape the future and leave an imprint on our universe. On the 23rd of November 2021 TEDxEindhoven will be inviting some of these new ideas on stage during our Event TEDxEindhoven: Chasing Footprints. Join us in tracing back some of our footprints.

Practical information

Date: November 23, 2021. Morning program from 08:00 till 12:00
Location:  DOMUSDELA Kanaalstraat 4, 5611 CT Eindhoven
Language: Talks in English
Photos and videos: During the event you are not allowed to take photos or videos of the TEDxEindhoven Talks. There will be photographers to document the event.
Tickets: Get your tickets via this button:


Catarina Esteves

Co-founder at Sponsh & Chief scientist at TU/e

Catarina researches polymers & colloids, surfaces & interfaces. A large part of her work deals with the synthesis of well-defined building blocks, the functionalization of surfaces, and the study of physical and chemical interactions at interfaces. 

“The subject of my TED talk emerges from my attraction to water, one of the simplest substances on earth, yet with very unique and complex behavior. Simple and functional things which turn out to be rather complex inspire me. Like when you have a puzzle. It looks pretty and simple when done, but you have to set the pieces together first before seeing the big picture. That is also why I like science!”

Rudy van Belkom

Social innovator at Het Nieuwe Kiezen

Rudy is a social innovator at ‘Het Nieuwe Kiezen’ (The New Vote), a proposal for a modular voting  system. Instead of giving your full vote to one party during the elections, you vote for each theme for the party’s position that suits you. You no longer vote for the person but the content. More freedom of choice leads to more participation and involvement. The concept was nominated for an international design award. 

“In my TEDx talk I will look for solutions. How can we stop politics from dividing us? I believe that if we organize democratic tools differently, we can come closer together. Not to completely agree, but to disagree more politely.”

H.J. Hunter


H.J. Hunter is a Dutch photographer and writer. He studied literature and had a professional career in journalistic and commercial writing before he became a documentary photographer. His autonomous projects were published in international newspapers (The Guardian, Trouw, De Volkskrant, De Limburger, De Standaard, De Morgen) and magazines. Between 2016 and 2020 he made an interactive multimedia documentary about life in a migrant suburb. His latest projects are related to the pandemic, the floods in the Walloon region and the impact of Brexit on young adults in the United Kingdom.

“My talk is about the power of encounters. How they can make a change in the way you see the world. How encounters can reinforce solidarity in a strongly divided world.”

Nieky van Vlerken

Founder at Winx2Fly

Nieky wants people to be aware that true happiness is found in the heart instead of in external factors. Why? It has a positive influence on themselves and people around them. Even on the whole world! In her talk she will focus on the difference between true pleasure and false pleasure. She tells the audience that awareness of (potential) addiction becomes the first step into positive change to take good care of yourself. Her purpose is creating awareness that numbing with false pleasure can lead to addiction and keep you away from true happiness and freedom.

“I want to tell this because I’ve been there and it’s like hell.”

Mark van Baal

Founder at Follow This | Shareholders change the world

The mission of Follow This is to compel oil and gas companies to put their brains and billions behind renewable energy. Thanks to the votes of institutional investors for the Follow This Climate Resolutions, Shell, Equinor, BP, and Total each set climate targets for all emissions.

“I believe that an individual can change the world. I do that by making large oil companies invest in green “

Alex van Eck

Founder at Enjoycleaningup

After a diving vacation in Curacao, Alex decided that something had to change in the world. All the images in the media of pollution destroying our amazing planet disgusted him. He decided that the message of stopping this pollution wasn’t getting through so he decided to tell the story in a different way.
So, he trained his dog “Joy” to search for plastic bottles. This went so well that they also started to collect cans and drink cartons. They are now so obsessed with trash that even, simply out for a walk, they will pick up every piece of thrash they find, keeping everything they find in Joy’s backpack.

“In my TED talk I will share my dream of how fun and important it is to clean up trash. I hope to inspire more people to join this movement.”

Will you join us?

The event will be held in the morning at the Domusdela in Eindhoven, breakfast is included. Make sure to follow out socials, additional info on the program will follow soon! At this moment there are no indications that the event cannot take place due to Corona. We are keeping a close eye on the rules of RIVM and the government. Should any new measures be introduced at the last minute, as a result of which the event cannot take place, you will receive a full refund.

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