TEDxEindhoven 2021: Chasing Footprints

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 Traces of Humanity: Promises for the Future 

In the beginning, one of our ancestors left their first imprint on a primordial beach. Ever since, we have transcended from being hunters – chasing prey – to chasing digital traces.  We have rebuilt the world to our liking, leaving tracks and traces of our endeavors on this planet. And now we are looking for ways to leave our trace on the moon, on faraway planets, on places beyond the known. And guess what? We are succeeding.

On November 23, 2021, we will invite you for a morning journey of sustainable innovations with our TEDxEindhoven Event ‘Chasing Footprints’.

As a species, we have been embracing change. Fuelling new ideas all around us. We track individuals, entrepreneurs and scientists leaving an impact. We track the ideas that will shape the future and leave an imprint on our universe. On the 23rd of November 2021 TEDxEindhoven will be inviting some of these new ideas on stage during our Event TEDxEindhoven: Chasing Footprints. Join us in tracing back some of our footprints.

Practical information

Date: November 23, 2021. Morning program from 08:00 till 12:00
Location:  DOMUSDELA Kanaalstraat 4, 5611 CT Eindhoven
Language: Talks in English
Photos and videos: During the event you are not allowed to take photos or videos of the TEDxEindhoven Talks. There will be photographers to document the event.
Tickets: Get your tickets via this button:


Can dogs terminate litter waste? | Alex van Eck

Picking up a single piece makes a difference, can save a life, can stop another piece entering the sea. If we all do a little, every day on a walk, it really does add up to a huge impact. Join the movement! After a diving vacation in Curacao, Alex decided that something had to change in the world. All the images in the media of pollution destroying our amazing planet disgusted him. He decided that the message of stopping this pollution wasn’t getting through so he decided to tell the story in a different way.

How to stop politics from dividing us | Rudy van Belkom

Today’s society seems more divided than ever. We can’t seem to agree on the best approach to fight inequality, climate change or the coronavirus. In fact, not everyone believes that these problems exist at all. But without a shared reality, coexistence is almost impossible. In the current political system, the differences are only magnified. Because in a world where everything revolves around attention, the extremes have the greatest effect. I believe that these problems are not caused by bad people, but by bad systems.

How to get Big Oil to end the climate crisis | Mark van Baal

“To end the climate crisis, we need to make sure that fossil fuel companies stop drilling for even more oil and gas and start investing heavily in renewable energy. This talk is about changing what cannot be changed at first sight, and will convince you that we ordinary citizens can have influence on the course of Shell and other oil majors. We are only powerless when we accept being powerless.” Founder at Follow This. 

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