TEDxEindhoven Salon Event: Embodying Innovation 19 April 2021

We would like to invite you to join our next TEDxEindhoven Salon event called: Embodying Innovation.

Healthcare innovations have become a driving force in improving and transforming people’s lives over the past century.  In view of the recent challenges we are facing, this has now become more important than ever.  To further understand innovations in healthcare, we invite healthcare innovation designers to help us explore the theme of “Embodying Innovation.”  

Our speakers will talk about how they are shaping new healthcare innovations and help us visualise what healthcare will look like in areas such as artificial intelligence, personalized healthcare and oncology. We will also have a panel of medical professionals, who will look back on conversations and discuss what it means to innovate in the healthcare industry, and where we will be in 20 years.

On the 19th of April, four healthcare professionals will also uncover the secrets to increasing our longevity.  They will present new insights regarding shared decision making and guide us through their ideas on how to improve the healthcare sector in a rapidly changing digital world. Join the discussion at our TEDxEindhoven Salon Event 2021!

TEDxEindhoven Salon: Embodying Innovation
Date: 19th April 2021 
Location: Online event
Costs: Free, registration required here
Start: 13.30
End:  17.30

Don’t forget to sign up to our TedxEindhoven 2021 Salon Event as only a limited number of tickets are available! You will receive your ticket by email, 2 weeks before the event. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Ed de Kluiver

De Kluiver, cardiologist and chairman of the board of the Isala heart center, talks about a strange paradox in healthcare. Much more is possible than we implement. What obstacles are in the way here? How can you develop major innovations and bring them to the world? Ed de Kluiver will explain why he thinks it is necessary to critically examine which treatments should take place in the hospital and which can be implemented in the patient’s living environment.

Martijn van Grieken

The doctors’ toolset can be expanded considerably with innovations. An interesting new direction is AI, which has the potential to become a Swiss army knife of healthcare. But how do you translate this mountain of data into insights that a doctor can work with immediately? Martijn van Greeks is co-founder of a start-up specialized in AI (Gimix). He shows how he is working with healthcare providers to make these tools available.

Manuel Seikritt

With his artwork “Super Nurse”, Manuel Seikritt is instantly on the world stage of “street art”. He tells you about the flight that “street art” has taken, making money and Banksy. “The media had discovered a new Banksy, but that was my job. Try to correct that. ”

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