TEDxEindhoven 2020: Chasing Footprints

 Traces of Humanity: Promises for the Future 

In the beginning, one of our ancestors left their first imprint on a primordial beach. Ever since, we have transcended from being hunters – chasing prey – to chasing digital traces.  We have rebuilt the world to our liking, leaving tracks and traces of our endeavors on this planet. And now we are looking for ways to leave our trace on the moon, on faraway planets, on places beyond the known. And guess what? We are succeeding.

Traces of humanity can already be found scattered across the universe. We have sent music and artificial objects into space, and already, the first robot has left its imprint on Mars. 

As a species, we have been embracing change. Fuelling new ideas all around us. We track individuals, entrepreneurs and scientists leaving an impact. We track the ideas that will shape the future and leave an imprint on our universe. On the 9th of May 2020 TEDxEindhoven will be inviting some of these new ideas on stage during TEDxEindhoven 2020: Chasing Footprints. Join us in tracing back some of our footprints and help us in creating new ones for the future. 

Speakers TEDxEindhoven 2020

Catarina Esteves – Developer of Moisture Absorbing Textiles
“The ability to understand the wonders of Nanomaterials remains fascinating. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to be able to design our materials in the same simple (yet complex), sustainable and efficient way of Nature?” Catarina Esteves is a researcher and teacher in the field of Coatings Science & Technology, Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology (DBL) at the TU/e in Eindhoven. Her work focuses on the development of moisture absorbing textiles. In her work, she obtains well-defined function materials – so called “smart coatings’’ – starting from the creation of reactive molecules. Catarina is particularly excited about water and its chemical properties, and in her talk, will guide us through the wonderful properties of H2O.

Daisy Mertens – Shortlisted for the top 10 of the Global Teacher Prize

In 2016 Daisy Mertens was proclaimed ‘’teacher of the year’’. In 2018, she was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize and made her way to the top 50 out of 10.000 nominees. Now, in 2020, Daisy has set a clear goal. Her dream? To assure child participation is the norm in every Dutch classroom. “My goal is to treat all children as equal. To bridge the gap between adults and children, and improve collaboration between these groups. I hope to ensure children’s happiness by improving child participation’’. 

Sarah-Jeanne Royer – Expert in the Ocean Cleanup
She is an oceanographer, worked on the biggest beach clean ups in Hawaii, and is currently working on the degradation of plastic and microfibre degradation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Sarah-Jeanne Royer is frequently mentioned when it comes to discussions about plastic and ocean pollution. In the past, Sarah has not only researched the emission of greenhouse gases from plastic in the environment, but is also working on her mission: ‘to ensure policymakers with data from scientists and volunteers to design better laws to reduce the production and consumption of plastic’.

Jozef van Giel – Critical Thinker
Ten years ago, Belgian critic Jozef van Giel founded the podcast ‘’critical thinking’’. His main goal? To challenge our preconceived ideas and abandon all of our convictions. ‘’The goal of this podcast is to teach people not to believe everything they hear, or to accept it as a conspiracy theory’’. No, according to Jozef, the main goal is to enrich the human mind and turn us into critical thinkers. Every week, Jozef van Giel and Rik Delaet (the producers of the podcast), inspire 20.000 minds to think in new critical ways.

Hein Daanen – Expert in Climate Control
He taught Fashion Research & Technology at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, is the former president of the association of ergonomy, and currently teaches thermofysiologie at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Hein Daanen, lecturer, researcher (TNO) and director of Sizing Science is the person to teach us everything we need to know about climate control. In his TED talk, Hein Daanen, will enrich our knowledge about climate control during one very special occasion: the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

Roosmarie Ruigrok – CEO of Clean&Unique
Already in 2007, Roosmarie Ruigrok understood the need for information on sustainability in the fashion industry. After having worked in the field of fashion for over 30 years, Roosmarie decided to start her own company called: Clean & Unique. An organisation specialised in providing advice on sustainability in the fashion industry. With her company, Roosmarie fights for what she believes in: helping others. She is committed to develop sustainable forms of fashion. She is a true fashion expert dedicated about ethical fashion, ensuring a more sustainable world.

Nieky van Vlerken – The Stigma on Addiction 

Nieky van Vlerken: a HR-expert, mother of two, coach, teambuilder, and much more was put on earth with one main goal: to break the taboo on addiction. In her TED talk she will guide us through her own former addiction – alcohol – how it almost destroyed her life, and the rocky road she took to get sober. Nieky’s life has changed radically since then, and now her goal in life is to help others overcome their own addictions.  

Martijn van Grieken – Specialist in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 

He is a senior data scientist at Gimix and Environmental Exposure Specialist at GGHDC. Martijn van Grieken is a specialist in applying data science within the healthcare sector, varying from small data solutions to the implementation of artificial intelligence. On the 9th of May, Martijn will enrich us with manners to apply data science within the ever evolving healthcare industry.

Rudy van Belkom – Changing the Way We Vote
Rudy van Belkom is a researcher at STT who is highly interested in the future of Artificial Intelligence. More specifically, the future of Artificial Intelligence in decision making processes. His goal? To formulate a clear vision on the future of Artificial Intelligence for the Netherlands involving a multidisciplinary team of experts. The  main theme? The evolution of decision making processes in politics. In the past, Rudy has already pitched for a new voting system involving Artificial Intelligence, one in which citizens no longer vote for a single party, but the principles they stand for. Let’s see what the future brings for the voters of the Netherlands.

HJ Hunter – The Whole World in a Suburb
He is a storyteller, a writer of various books, but most of all he is a filmmaker and photographer with publications in various international magazines and newspapers. In 2019, he created the photo series; the world in a suburb, consisting of 17 photo series and 12 short films about Bressoux. One of the most diverse migrant areas in Liege, Belgium.

Practical information

Date: Saturday May 9, 2020
Location: will be announced soon
Language: Talks in English
Photos and videos: During the event you are not allowed to take photos or videos of the TEDxEindhoven Talks. There will be photographers to document the event.

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