TEDxEindhoven Salon Event Moonshots for Healthcare June 13th 2019

We invite you to join TEDxEindhoven’s Moonshots for Healthcare, during which we will be delving into the world of healthcare and medicine, exploring a number of groundbreaking healthcare innovations currently being undertaken in (inter)national healthcare institutions. On the 13th of June, three healthcare professionals will uncover manners to increase our longevity, present us with new insights regarding shared decision making, as well as guide us through their original ideas on how to improve the healthcare sector in a rapidly digitalizing world. Join in on the discussion during our 2019 Salon Event!

TEDxEindhoven 2019 Salon: Moonshots for Healthcare
Date: 13th of june
Location: Kazerne
Costs: Free entrance, register here
Start: 1 PM
End: 6 PM

Don’t forget to sign up for our TedxEindhoven 2019 Salon Event as only a limited number of tickets are available! Two weeks before the event you will receive your ticket per e-mail.


Art Vreugdenhil

About Art Vreugdenhil

A medical oncologist and hematologist. Working at MMC, a regional teaching hospital, he spent most of his time on adverse events of systemic cancer treatment. With a strong focus on how to improve the quality of life during and after cancer. Can we inform patients to go for a certain approach as oncologists? Do we provide our patients with pure medical technical information after a multidisciplinary counselling (MDC)? Or do we integrate the patient’s preferences into such a MDC? And if we do so, does the patient really receive the best care? How do we define optimal medical treatment and integration of the patient’s preferences? Why do we not ask our patients to participate in an MDC?

Warner Prevoo

About Warner Prevoo

After having worked as an interventional radiologist for 16 years, Warner Prevoo found himself on the other end of the spectrum: Warner, being slightly disturbed about a persistent cough, cycled to the hospital where he had a CT-scan performed. Never would he have dared to think that this scan would radically change his life. The verdict? Advanced lung cancer. He was no longer the doctor, but the patient. Now, as a practicing doctor, Warner has come to understand patients better than ever. The preconceived idea that doctors are immortal no longer holds. On the 13th of June Warner will talk about his personal experience as a patient, the challenges regarding doctor-patient understanding, and how this all relates to humanity.

Susanne Baars

About Susanne Baars

Not even 30 years of age, and she is already being referred to as the Dutch Queen of DNA.Susanne Baars, an exponential tech innovator and genetic expert, is a woman with a mission. “My purpose is to save lives by creating universal access to lifesaving knowledge knowledge”. It was something her father, a medical professional, said to her as a child that triggered Susanne to follow the path laid out before her. “If only we’d known, we could have prevented this”. Now, Susanne’s mission is to improve patients’ access to the right information. Information that might just save their lives. During TEDxEindhoven 2019 Salon, Susanne will provide us with more in-depth insights regarding her mission, and elaborate on how her high tech organizations, The Global Human Genome and Social Genomics, connect people to lifesaving information. An initiative destined to save millions of lives.

David Khayat

About David Khayat

Parisian Professor David Khayat is the expert in the field of cancer prevention. In 2010, after having conducted scientific research on this topic for over 30 years, he stirred up France with the launch of his book The Real Anti-Cancer Diet. On the 13th of June, David will discuss the effects healthy eating habits have on cancer prevention.

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