Migo Pears

During our TEDxEindhoven event on November 10th, innovation was one of the main themes. The speakers who entered the stage during the day inspired us with their “Lightbulb Moments”. New pioneering ideas, insights or discoveries have been shared with the visitors. The “Lightbulb Moments” from TEDxEindhoven did not only appear in the TEDxtalks, but were also further supported in the experience and catering. To make this happen we are constantly looking for the right partners.

The “Migo” is a new pear variety that offers exactly what the consumer wants: a pear that you can eat anytime and anywhere. Migo is juicy but not messy, has a refreshing taste and a crunchy bite. We were convinced Migo was the perfect snack for our event. This does not only have to do with the shape, an inverted Migo has the shape of a “Lightbulb”. We also think this new pear fits well with our innovative character.

Read more about Migo Pears here!

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