Three things you must do before TEDxEindhoven

Attention TEDxEindhoven 2017 attendees! The countdown is on until this Friday when Lightbulb Moments will illuminate, energize and enlighten you. We’ve got some essential information to share with you in the lead up to the event.

  1. Practical information
    If you haven’t already check out our Practical Information page. We’ve detailed everything you need to know about the location, transport, event schedule, breaks, food, drinks and tickets. Read it before Friday.
  2. Facebook updates
    Any last minute event updates or additional information will be posted on our Facebook page. Make sure you’re following TEDxEindhoven on Facebook and enable notifications so you don’t miss any important updates from the TEDxEindhoven team.
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  3. Bring your e-business cards
    It’s one of the most important rules of Networking 101, and yet many people still forget to bring their business cards to events like TEDxEindhoven. That’s why we’ve partnered with Cardmil to ensure you keep in contact with the people you meet this year at TEDxEindhoven 2017. You’ll never forget your business cards again with Cardmil.
    Download the Cardmil app >

Have you got family or friends who missed out on tickets to TEDxEindhoven 2017? Guess what? Now they can livestream the event so they don’t miss out on the action. We’ve posted livestreaming information on our website – Livestream during TEDxEindhoven 2017!

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