Livestream during TEDxEindhoven 2017!

Livestream during TEDxEindhoven 2017!




On 10 November we are hosting a new TEDxEindhoven, themed “Lightbulb Moments”. Tickets have been sold out, but no need to worry, we will be streaming our event LIVE! 

In the thought of TED, we are happy to spread ideas as wide as we can. That way, you don’t need to miss any of the talks by our inspiring speakers. So grab your friends together, organize a viewing party and watch the event LIVE!

You will find the link of our live-stream here, TED’s official streaming partner. Just go to the website on 10 November, and wait for the clock to strike 09:30 for the event to begin. You’ll only need a web browser, stable internet connection and you’re good to go.

Spread ideas
We’re also inviting you to help us spread ideas, by setting up a live-streaming event. Bringing people together to listen to and discuss the lightbulb moments of today and tomorrow. You could use a beamer, large TV or even hijack a nearby conference room.

Again, go to the link, but remember these rules when promoting your event:

  • Don’t charge for tickets, and, try not to host larger parties at commercial venues. Aim instead for schools, libraries and other public places.
  • Aim to keep the viewing party small, don’t exceed 100 attendees.

If you can stick to these rules, don’t hesitate to contact us for help promoting your event! We won’t be able to help out with practicalities (we will be busy at the Evoluon), but we are happy to give your event a wide reach.

If you are really wanting to upscale, think about finding a host to help people feel welcome and guide people through the day. You could add workshops or sessions to develop thoughts and discussions. Again, TED is all about ideas worth spreading, so spread the word!


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