Speaker highlight TEDxEindhoven 2016

Speaker highlight TEDxEindhoven 2016




TEDxEindhoven is proud to present the following speakers for their inaugural event on July 8th 2016. The team has been working round the clock towards the big event and can now confirm a list of impressive speakers and acts that will inspire you at TEDxEindhoven 2016.

With the first edition of TEDxEindhoven we wanted to look at the ideas from the past, from where we came, the future that we are shaping, but also where we are standing right now, together. To do that we came up with the theme: Crossroads. Crossroads are about coming together, meeting each other and starting a conversation, a dialog.

Erwin Hoogerwoord, curator TEDxEindhoven: “Through dialog, ideas jump from person to person. They intersect within us, merging, combining, evolving and transforming. Setting us off on new paths and adventures.”

The curation team has carefully selected a number of speakers, now preparing their talk for TEDxEindhoven 2016. Together they will help us navigate these crossroads. TEDxEindhoven 2016 is proud to highlight the first speakers: Daniel Lakens, Vera de Pont, Stijn Stumpel and Thom Aussems.

Daniel Lakens

“If not me, then someone else; But if not us, then no one”
Daniel Lakens is assistant-professor Human Technology Interaction at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He is an expert in psychology, statistics, research methods and open science. Daniël loves to teach especially about research methods and was elected as best teacher of a bachelor course at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2014. He is fascinated by how we should reward people, if we want to achieve both reliable and novel scientific insights.

Daniel Lakens has little illusion about the inspirational value of his talk. Instead he will stand on our stage with sort of a diagnosis. We are biased to see patterns where there are none, and do not appreciate or reward randomness. We like to think remarkable things were meant to happen, but is this really true? We would love to be able to predict when remarkable things will happen, but we can’t. Daniel is here to make you think about whether you should try to do remarkable things, or not, and if we should reward randomness more than remarkableness.

Vera de Pont

“The power of your space station”
Vera is a designer of clothing and textiles, a Design Academy graduate. Her graduation projects, ‘Pop-up’ and ‘Floaters of the Waterplanet’ were both nominated for the Renee Smeets Award, the Melkweg Award and the Keep an eye grant. She stands at the intersection of practicality and fantasy. How material interacts with the body, where to cut the fabric, how it folds, which seam technique to use are connected to stories of outer space, water planets, bio-technology and identity.

Vera de Pont will take you on her personal journey to a place far away, no, lightyears away, but at the same time very close. A place of crossroads within us, a place of new perspectives. By traversing these crossroads she aims to trigger your imagination to grow, to show itself, to explore and to inspire.

Thom Aussems

“Transformation Strijp-S, a paradigm shift”
Thom Aussems is CEO of housing corporation Trudo, initiator of leading transformation projects in the region of Eindhoven such as the neighbourhood Kruidenbuurt, Woensel-West, the Lighttower in the center of the city and Strijp-S (the former industrial plot of Philips). Over the 100 years of Trudo’s existence there have been quite some transformations, from agricultural to industrial to brainport economies.

Strijp-S, a new center of the city of Eindhoven, where people work, shop, eat, drink and live. At least, that is the case now, as these old Philips factory grounds have been turned into urban residences and hip workplaces. Behind this transformation lies a different approach from the old urban planning, a fresh focus on the people, entrepreneurs and businesses interested in developing the area into a modern city center. Thom has played a leading role in that latest transformation, creating a new paradigm for living.



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