We are delighted to announce that TEDxEindhoven 2017 tickets have sold out!

Even we are surprised at the record speed of ticket sales. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and we look forward to seeing you on 10 November!

Have you got family or friends who missed out on tickets to TEDxEindhoven 2017? Guess what? Now they can livestream the event so they don’t miss out on the action. We’ve posted livestreaming information on our website Livestream during TEDxEindhoven 2017!

Date: 10 November 2017

Venue: Evoluon, Eindhoven

Cost: €27.50 for an all-inclusive full day experience – SOLD OUT

Extra note: As part of the full TEDx experience each of our guests will receive a personalised badge with your full name visible for the other guests, so that you can easily meet new people and engage in conversation. So if you want to buy a ticket for someone else; please fill in their name(s).